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Our new collection on is made using different technologies and variety of other materials. Using imagination.
It was first developed by simple pencil and a sheet of paper and … the solitude. The
next step was to transfer all these ideas into digital language to be understandable by our machinery.
Having the workpiece out of Computerized Numerical Control equipment we carry it into our craftsmen hands for the next step, to analyze he shapes, apply textures and smooth the corners. We choose EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) as the core material due to its physical properties and the light weight. Having low density, it doesn’t stand against impact so the next step in our process was to hard
coat the objects. We use Polyurea as a chemical substance to make our object durable and withstand any impact.

The next step after coating is the finishing of the the surface. It took hours and hours of craftsmanship to go over all imperfections, cavities , bumps, etc. by filling and sending. Hours and hours, days, and days…
When the main body is treated well, we proceed to the painting. It took days for the
painting, including surface preparation and cleaning, actual painting and resending after in a clean room environment.
We used only high-end 2K paints to make our art pieces look outstanding. The
color selection wasn’t easy as well and we spent a lot of hours to select the most appropriate shade from Pantone library for each object.
Some of our objects have hardwood and copper elements. Our craftsmen use their talents of cabinetmaking and blacksmith to treat these materials and incorporate them into our objects.
The mixture of materials, textures and colors makes our objects more harmonious and reflects the designer’s inner universe combined of digital and physical worlds.

The main idea of our first collection of unique interior objects is to merge digital world with geometry and architecture to a world of design. The Phigital.
The design of our booth is built on this very idea and is a reflection of two of the most popular trends in interior design- soft and calm palettes from grey to pistachio tones, to bright and vividly vibrant tones for the brave.
This brings us to why our photo zone is divided in to two halves, by the color.
This design is exclusive and one of a king.
We relied on the digital world trends as well as colors of Pantone 2023-2024 for both sides of this photo zone.
Our decor is in fully in sync with today’s macro trends , one of which is sustainability. The wall will be reused multiple times for different events, and when the time comes , it will be safely recycled and used as material in another industry.

Phigital Universe

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