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Arts Objects

Engineered Arts presents the first  collection of handcrafted  interior art objects 

Engineered Arts is a design studio with its own manufacturing based in Toronto. We created a new line of interior design, where there opportunity to create something unique and handmade for an underserved market.  It was established with the ambition to create and curate interior objects that can be treated as pieces of art. 

All our objects are carefully designed and manufactured with exceptional attention to detail and craftsmanship by Yury Goncharov and Alina Tacmelova and our specialized team.

Each object is a unique piece. 


Yury Goncharov

is Co-Founder and CEO of Engineered Arts. He holds bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and more than 30 years of experience in engineering and management

positions at international corporations such as Teva Pharmaceuticals Industries and Estee Lauder. 

Being 45 years old, he started his own creative business known as @EngineeredArts. 

"I always had a dream to bring something new and unique to the design world. Now it is time to combine design and engineering.  We decided to create our own line of objects for interior design. I created the design of objects in terms of geometry and engineering. Together with our team we brought my ideas to reality"

Alina Tacmelova

is a renowned creative designer in Canada, best known for her work as the Founder of Flowers Time and the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Engineered Arts. 

She is the driving force behind many of Canada's most memorable creative installations. Now she

starts her new journey as an artist where she combines psychology and creativity.

"Starting to work in the world of interior design for me is like spreading my wings. This World is big and interesting - trends, shapes, materials, colors. I completely agree with Yura, we want to bring something interesting and new.

Objects that will stand out and at the same time meet all global trends, especially sustainability. Objects that will be passed down from generation to generation"

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